Bare Metal

A corporate evolution: moving towards a community-driven brand identity

Bare Metal specializes in thorough water-pressure cleaning of kitchen hood exhaust systems and their components. The company thrives on delivering high-quality services and the peace of mind associated with them. Bare Metals offers a full catalog of cleaning services from ventilation systems to grease traps.

They strive to lead their industry as cleaning specialists and focus on fostering strong relationships with their clients.
The Issue we needed to tackle: Bare Metal knew its end goal but didn’t know how to get there. We needed a roadmap to integrate a new identity while preserving the company’s values.


  • Creating a complete brand identity
  • Designing all their graphics
  • Crafting an online strategy and presence
  • Defining a tone that built a community
  • Showcase company services and values
  • Design a brand that enables the company to transition from a small business to a large one

Elements we considered:

Community: Bare Metal prides itself on treating clients as family and believes that building relations is essential to their growth. This needed to be across the branding elements. 

Scalability: A brand that could grow and evolve with the company

Identity: Creating an easy-to-recognize online presence was vital.

What we provided

  • Logo Creation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Branding ID Systems
  • Positioning
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO

Values Driving the Process

  • Incorporating the boldness of the brand into it's brand identity to establish a strong presence
  • Timeless design that could easily grow with the company as it expanded

Logo Development

The black and white selection allow for the logo to be recognizable and feel fresh. Additionally, it works great to be easily applied in uniforms and company products, allowing some versatility.

Minimal and timeless, this logo was created with a "less is more" mindset that alludes to the cleaning services offered by the company.

Logo Breakdown

The graphic that accompanies the logo is a hint and reference to the cleaning process the company tackles. Additionally, it hints to speed and projects the efficiency of their services. While minimal, the bold font allows for the logo to portray confidence and professionalism.


An easy to follow and understand website that showcases the professionalism and expertise of Bare Metal in their industry.

Main Page

Website reveal

ThreadLink’s process

When working with this client we wanted to ensure that we could convey their professionalism, and impeccable service through their visuals. The company has a long-standing reputation of providing excellent services in the area and the brand needed to convey that while allowing for the company to expand in the future.

Brand Strategy

leading to

Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

Bare Metal's differentiation strategy is focused on providing a unique value proposition to their customers. The company wanted to create a brand that stands out from its competitors by emphasizing its dedication to quality, reliability, and excellence.

should be
Target Audience

Bare Metal's target audience is made up of businesses in need of impeccable cleaning services for kitchens that want to remain safe and hazard-free.

looking for

This image above is the original approved style-scape for Bare Metal.

Brand Colors








The soul of the project: Professionalism mixed with distinctive elements that reflect the brand's excellence.

Bare Metal provides high-quality services while building a community within the industry