Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund

A brand that funds student’s dreams by engaging high-level and local donors

Frankie Valente’s Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping EMS/EMT students to successfully graduate by taking on their financial burden. Created by Frankie’s parents after he passed in the line of duty, helping others during the COVID pandemic.

The goal is to provide financial support to young people who are pursuing their passions and making a positive impact in their communities. By taking care of the financial burden emergency students face, the Fund seeks to become a nationwide beacon of hope.

They came out to us with one goal: Building a brand with high exposure to attract donors and support, to finance as many EMS/EMT students as possible.


Redesigning their logo and brand identity
Redesigning their website

What we provided

Logo redesign & ID Systems
Website Design & Development
Content Strategy
Graphic Design

Elements & values driving the process

Target audience: people who can empathize and appreciate emergency care professionals
Incorporating Frankie’s story into the brand while keeping it elegant and practical
Making the content and online presence accessible for students and donors to engage with it

Leaving a Legacy

The scholarship fund established in memory of Frankie aims to support individuals pursuing education in becoming an EMT. Contributions to this fund serve as a lasting tribute to Frankie, who lost his life while on duty, and helps ensure that dedicated students can graduate and serve their communities as EMTs.

Elements we considered

Personal connection: Of the brand elements with Frankie. Adding details within the brand’s elements that could speak to Frankie’s parents and add soul and depth to the Foundation.

Growth and expansion: A perspective for the Foundation to become a National beacon for the emergency care sector in the future.

ThreadLink’s process

Frankie V. Scholarship Fund is an organization driven by the passion Frankie Valente left behind, and his ambition of helping as many people as possible. As we dove into the process of building and designing the brand we wanted to ensure Frankie’s spirit was included and expressed. Further, to make this brand successful, we relied on conveying professionalism, purpose, community, hope, and ambition. These elements were included at every step of the design process and content.

Brand Strategy

leading to

Visual Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

The story and motivation behind Frankie’s Fund are essential to the core of the foundation and what they aspire to provide for EMT students. While remaining personal and effective, this brand needed to convey their work in a professional way to expand their impact.

should be

Target Audience

Every EMT aspiring student in need of funding, and every person or organization willing and able to donate and help the Foundation expand.

looking for


This image above is the original approved style-scape for Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund.

Brand Colors







Primary Font



Secondary Font





Redesigning their logo

We took the original logo’s intent and transformed it into a contemporary, easy-identifiable symbol with a powerful backstory to support every element of its design.

The original logo was too literal and included commonly used elements that took away from the unique story behind the organization’s purpose and motivations.

We aligned the new logo design with the core purpose of the organization: helping as many students as possible in the emergency care field finish their education.

Logo Development

1st Lockup

The Frankie Valente Scholarship logo was crafted with many uses in mind. The modern design can be applied to printable materials as well as merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, and tumblers. Our design has a minimum width of 2.5 inches so as to not lose the quality and legibility of the design.

Logo Breakdown

The Logo Symbol is a powerful image connecting two symbolic items: The torch - a universal symbol for enlightenment, hope, and knowledge, as well as a subtle reference to the movie Pleasantville. The intertwined snakes - widely used across the medical field, it is a symbol of wisdom and health. The symbol will empower those pursuing education and it gives homage to Frankie Valente’s name. In-depth Meaning of the Symbol The entirety of the symbol is a stylized letter F, and while following the curve from the top and to the right, is the letter V.

Main Page

Main Page



We designed and developed a user-friendly website, in line with the new ID systems, and efficiently provided information for both donors and students to drive engagement.

As we created the structure and concept for the new website, we made sure the purpose was easily recognizable, and the positive impact of each donation was clear. The new layout offers an easy-to-navigate design for donors and potential scholars to connect with the Fund. Additionally, it communicates a story and showcases information that invites people to sympathize with the Fund’s ambition.

The new color palette adds to the website feeling elegant, and modern while remaining approachable. We allocated specific sections of content to share Frankie’s story, and how the brand is keeping it alive. Community is a significant aspect of this brand, which is why we designated a section to feature the students who benefitted from the Fund.


Frankie’s website communicates the personality and story behind it. It’s easy to understand what they do, how they do it, and why they do it, which is the core of the brand. Additionally, the easy flow and design allows for donors to easily engage and get involved.


Frankie’s Fund has a clear and easy-to-use funnel to keep helping EMT aspirants achieve their dreams. From a small effort into a tangible organization with ambition and structure.


Client's Words

ThreadLink's work is amazing. We at the Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund have used them to redesign our website and our brand. Very impressed, happy and proud of the our new partnership with ThreadLink.