Lake Speech

Improving children's Development through Speech and Occupational Therapy

Lake Speech is a trusted organization that provides speech and occupational therapy services to children in the local community. It creates a safe, enjoyable space where children can learn to better navigate their communication disorders and develop the life skills they need to thrive.

Its team of expert therapists is dedicated to helping kids overcome challenges and succeed. The company is proud to be a reliable and accessible resource for parents who want the best for their children.

The issue we needed to tackle: The brand was non-existent and the organization needed to develop a solid presence.


Redesigning their logo and brand identity
Creating their website
Crafting a brand identity
Ensuring the values of the organization were represented through the graphics

What we provided

Logo redesign & ID Systems
Website Design & Development
Graphic Design
SEO positioning
Content Strategy

Elements & values driving the process

Connection: defining the right way to create a link with the audience and generate engagement.
Presence: This was the main driver since being recognized implied getting more clients and more businesses involved with the organization.
Opportunity: Lake Speech could fill the demand in this specialized industry, and the payment accessibility made it a strong actor in the market. This needed to be capitalized on.
Accessibility: In terms of payment options and reliability for concerned parents.

Elements we considered:

Client awareness: This was essential to the success of the brand. Acknowledging that your child may need extra help to reach their potential is not easy. It can be hard to identify it and therefore seek assistance. Educating and providing useful information for potential clients to see the value of Lake Speech services was crucial throughout the branding process.

Budget Constraints: We were working on a budget, which meant that everything needed to be built organically and at a slower pace. So every thing had to be intentional and effective.

ThreadLink’s process

Lake Speech is an organization that relies on letting parents know they have a solution for whatever challenges their kid is facing. As we dove into the process, brainstorming (add some images of that process below) was how we defined the best way to reach the audience.

Brand Strategy

leading to

Visual Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

This organization needed to convey the expertise of their staff members, and portray the community and safe environment children would be developing in. The brand should be easily identifiable and professional, while featuring the organization's value at the front and center of its image.

should be

Target Audience

Parents with children that needed speech and occupational therapy in an environment that could offer support and results.

looking for


Brand Colors





Primary Font



A professional but recognizable logo that communicated the values and the mission of the company in a subtle but impactful manner.

The logo was designed to capture the essence of the company and foster an emotional connection to the brand by creating a cohesive message. The values and work ethic of the organization where taken into consideration within each element.

The company has been in operation for over 10 years and has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality therapy services. The updated website and social media presence once the brand was established made it easier for potential clients to learn about the company and the services they offer.


Lake Speech became a reference in this specialized industry. The strong image and presence led to the company’s acquisition by a large health provider.