Maricopa Electric

Is the go-to company for reliable and professional electrical services, both for your home and your business

Maricopa Electric is a well established company with decades of experience in the business. They offer a range of services from rewiring full installations to adding all electrical work within properties. They are a recognized, Arizona-based, company valued for their efficiency and professionalism.

The Issue we needed to tackle: Addressing the disparity between their image and their expertise while preserving the current connection to clients.


Creating a brand that reflected Maricopa's expertise
Upgrading their online presence

What we provided

Logo Redesign
Website Redesign
New Brand Identity
New ID Systems
Graphic Design

Elements & values driving the process

Leadership in the industry and experience
The need of a change in narrative as they establish themselves as a go to provider in the area and in new cities
An identifiable brand ID that was easy to utilize corporately

Elements we considered

Timeless design: We wanted to do a rebranding that could accompany the business as it expands. An easy to recognize and effortless design that would feel current and could become an emblem for their services.

The company values: professionalism, friendly, and efficient. Those three values needed to be present across the content and brand image. We wanted to ensure these values were persistent to maintain a connection with current customers, and convey the right message to new ones.

ThreadLink’s process

Maricopa came to us looking for a new image that could properly convey their expertise. Their image was feeling outdated and limiting their reach to new areas within the state. Creating a modern, and timeless design that could better portray the company's work and services was what we needed to do. We started by creating a new logo that connected their name with their industry, and allowed for a consistent and professional look across channels.

Brand Strategy

leading to

Visual Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

A timeless and simple design that properly conveyed the company's experience. The website for Maricopa needed to better convey their services and all the ways they could serve clients without saturating them.

should be

Target Audience

Commercial and residential customers looking for reliability in electrical services. This includes: homeowners, renters, property managers, and landlords who need electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades for their homes. Additionally, business owners, property managers, and facility managers who need electrical services for their commercial properties such as offices, retail stores, and warehouses. In general, the target audience for Maricopa Electric could be those who value professionalism, reliability, and expertise in their electrical service provider.

looking for


This image above is the original approved style-scape for Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund.

Brand Colors






Primary Font

Keep Calm


Secondary Font

Nexa light


Redesigning their logo

Maricopa's original logo lacked a recognizable feature and was not easy to connect with. We wanted to create a logo that could easily transfer and be used in the rest of Maricopa's image, within their website and other online platforms.

Main Page

Main Page





Maricopa is a recognizable brand that easily conveys their roots and values while offering a clear pathway for customers to book their services.