Rapid Environmental

Expanding the company’s reach through improved brand strategy and timeless design.

Rapid Environmental is a rapidly growing company that cleans up all contaminants and environmental damage resulting from human error, sanitary situations, or natural events.

The Issue we needed to tackle: Online presence was not optimized and was impeding them from reaching the clients they were after.


Redesigning their logo
Updating their online presence to aim at their target audience: high-level
Designing an improved marketing and content strategy to showcase the company’s services

What we provided

Logo Redesign
Website Design & Development
Content Strategy
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

Elements & values driving the process

Targeting specific sectors and sizes of companies
Maintaining the social media success elements while improving on it
Reframing designs with a “future” mindset that allows for a cleaner and timeless brand image
Environmental and community benefits at the center of the strategy and branding

Elements we considered:

Targeting a high-level audience: As Rapid Environmental seeks to expand, connecting with a new audience is crucial. However, we worked on ensuring the connection with current users was not lost in the process.

Valuable Content: Rapid Environmental does extraordinary work to care for our communities. Ensuring this was conveyed and highlighting the benefits of their services was a guiding line as part of the online presence construction.

ThreadLink’s process

When working with Rapid Environmental we defined that an image that could translate easily into content, while maintaining the values and success elements thus far was crucial. We strived to create an updated version of what was already in place with an improved visual impact that translated into conversion.

Brand Strategy

leading to

Visual Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

Rapid Environmental’s logo offered a design that while effective, lacked longevity and a contemporary look. The logo redesign projects a modern and timeless image that translates easily into social media, content and is easily identifiable.

should be

Target Audience

By redesigning the website in line with the new brand’s image we are positioning Rapid Environmental as a trustworthy and high-level company that is reliable and effective. We are showcasing their expertise and the services they provided in a visual manner that engages potential clients.

looking for


Brand Colors





Primary Font



Secondary Font

Nexa Bold


The soul of the project: A timeless and minimal image that could effectively represent the new era of the company, without being a radical change of what the audience already recognized.

Main Page

Website reveal


Rapid’s website portrays the expertise and seriousness of the services they provide. Nonetheless, the information is kept concise and easy to follow so users can understand and connect with what the company offers.


Rapid Environmental's online presence has helped them secure high-level clients and establish a strong position within their industry.