Rapid Environmental

Expanding the company’s reach through improved brand strategy and timeless design.

Rapid Environmental is a rapidly growing company that cleans up all contaminants and environmental damage resulting from human error, sanitary situations, or natural events.

The Issue we needed to tackle: Online presence was not optimized and was impeding them from reaching the clients they were after.

How we achieved the goal

Redesigning their logo
Updating their online presence to aim at their target audience: high-level
Designing an improved marketing and content strategy to showcase the company’s services

What we provided

Logo Redesign
Website Design & Development
Content Strategy
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

Elements & values driving the process

Targeting specific sectors and sizes of companies
Maintaining the social media success elements while improving on it
Reframing designs with a “future” mindset that allows for a cleaner and timeless brand image
Environmental and community benefits at the center of the strategy and branding

Elements we considered:

Targeting a high-level audience without losing the connection the brand already had with users.

Providing valuable information regarding the benefits of the services as part of the online presence.

The Logo & The Selected Idea

Primary Font



Secondary Font

Nexa Bold



Eerie Black


Green RYB


Kelly Green


Green Lizard


Primary Logo

Rapid Environmental logo

Emblem Design

Social Media

Branding Direction/
Printing Materials

The soul of the project: A timeless and minimal image that could effectively represent the new era of the company; without being a radical change of what the audience already recognized.

Designing an improved marketing and content strategy to showcase the company’s services

The new branding elements include a sleeker content image to increase the brand’s impressions and scaling up the current LinkedIn strategy that is already yielding conversions. By showcasing the content that has already proved effective with graphic designs that align with the new logo we are elevating the content to meet the high-level audience it wants to target.


Rapid Environmental has been successfully positioned within the industry, and its online presence has allowed the to grow and secure high-level clients.

From well-known to sought after, Rapid Environmental is a company that has achieved a new level of presence and engagement.