Santiago's Restaurant

A Latin Food heaven in Clermont Florida

Santiago's is a Latin food restaurant located in Clermont Florida that provides a mix of LatinAmerican cuisine dishes. They offer catering services and provide a home-cooked feel in every dish, spiced up with latin flavors.

The Issue we needed to tackle: The lack of brand identity and cohesive image.


Creating a cohesive brand
Attracting clients

What we provided

Graphic Design
Brand Identity and ID Systems
Image redesign

Elements & values driving the process

The need to incorporate the Latin feel into the brand image
Family and community
Color and vibrant to portray the Latin community

Elements we considered

Familiar feel: The Latin feel of Santiago's needed to be portrayed in their image, to make it feel welcoming to people. Color and a more playful design where considered to achieve this.

Authenticity: With so many options available, ensuring the authenticity of Santiago's food was conveyed was essential to the success of the branding.

ThreadLink’s process

Santiago's is an amazing restaurant, and their cuisine offering was getting lost with the lack of brand identity and online presence. When we took on this challenge, we decided to focus on conveying the Latin feel and make it very clear the type of foods and flavor you could find. While providing an upgraded look, we still wanted for the brand to feel "homey".

Brand Strategy

leading to

Visual Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

Providing an authentic dining experience. The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional dishes from Latin America, each prepared with the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection. Additionally, the restaurant has a unique atmosphere that transports customers to the heart of Latin America.

should be

Target Audience

Everyone seeking for a different flavor in everyday cuisine and families that want to have Latin food in their events.

looking for


Brand Colors







Primary Font



Secondary Font



Clarity City


The soul of the project: Creating a vibrant image that easily transmits the atmosphere of the restaurant

Main Page

Main Page




Aside from the easy-to-follow design, the new website offers choices without overwhelming new visitors. The images used to showcase the food where also improved to make the dishes more appealing, and the undertone of the blue was strategically use to convey professionalism for the catering services the provide.


Santiago's is now functional and attractive online and offline which allows them to bring in more clients


Client's Words

ThreadLink has transformed our restaurant with their one-of-a-kind creativity, design skills, and personal touch. They helped me by creating a beautiful and functional website and a rebrand that captured the essence of my restaurant, and their ongoing support and expertise have been invaluable in taking my restaurant to the next level. They always go the extra mile, understand my unique needs, and provide valuable insights and education to make informed decisions about Santiago's digital marketing strategy. We highly recommend ThreadLink to anyone seeking an exceptional partner for their web and digital needs. Thank you, ThreadLink, for making a difference in my restaurant.