SunCoast Eco-tours

Nature’s Champions: SunCoast Eco-Tour’s Creation into a Top-Rated Adventure provider

SunCoast Eco-Tours, a startup based in Florida, offers guided kayak tours to those who have a deep appreciation for and a connection to nature. They are committed to providing transformative outdoor experiences that inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the environment.  SunCoast Eco-Tours, lets customers explore Florida's natural beauty and make memories that will last a lifetime.

With a focus on health, adventure, and connection with the great outdoors, SunCoast Eco-Tours offers a fun and wonderful experience.

They came out to us with one goal: To build a brand that transmitted easily who they are, what they do, and what they stand for.


Logo creation & Identity
Graphic Design
Social Media Content Strategy

What we provided

Logo Redesign
Content Strategy
Graphic Design
Social Media Content Strategy

Elements & values driving the process

Appreciating and connecting with nature: They aim to inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the environment.
Commitment to physical activity and health: They offer a fun and challenging way to be active in nature and wanted to transmit the benefits of that for mind and body.
Adventure, independence, and amazement: Providing customers with unforgettable experiences that leave behind an empowering sensation.
Sustainability: We wanted their designs to feel in line with conservatorship
Connection: This was the underlying value driving the whole process. Seeking connection with customers.

Elements we considered:

Powerful image: To properly convey the company's feel and fun elements to it while incorporating the adventurous and fun of the company.

Target audience: that included families seeking new experiences, and nature lovers that live to dive into new experiences

ThreadLink’s process

Suncoast Eco-Tours wanted a website design that reflected their values and personality. They wanted to convey an energetic and adventurous feel, but not be intimidating. We focused on creating designs that would instantly give off those feelings and used that as a foundation to build a strong brand.

We used playful elements and research to guide our design choices. We also aimed to have the brand evoke feelings of adventure and empowerment as an ongoing sensation during and after the tours.

Brand Strategy

leading to

Visual Brand Features

Differentiation Strategy

Suncoast Eco-Tours' brand was defined as more than a kayak tour. It's an experience that encompasses a connection with nature, healthy activities, and sustainable practices all wrapped up in a fun and adventurous package.

should be

Target Audience

People that love spending time in outdoors and trying different activities. SunCoast caters to the adventurous souls that need guidance finding the perfect way to spend time in the sun.

looking for


Brand Colors







Primary Font



Secondary Font

Spot Italic


The brand identity: Embracing Adventure and creating connections: A Recognizable Name for Nature Lovers

The brand identity of Suncoast Eco-Tours is built around its core values. The brand's personality is energetic, adventurous, and authentic, which is conveyed through the fun elements and color palette used in the branding and messaging. The font types, colors, and designs offer a cohesive connection to the fun and adventure-seeking type.

Logo Development

Suncoast Eco-Tours logo instantly transmits fun and high energy. The way the letters are within an image adds to a sense of wholeness that aligns with its values of “connecting with nature”. It is a recognizable image that allows customers to easily identify the brand, and it translates easily into social media content.

Additionally, the logo design offers many design possibilities due to the extensive color palette available that keeps a cohesive look.

Logo Breakdown

We took SunCoast's adventurous and fun approach to play with the way we wanted to merge their name while clearly stating their field. We started the process by bringing all elements together regarding scenery, backdrop, and feel and selected the elements that helped convey the joyful spirit of the company.





The soul of the project: A journey of connecting people to nature, and promoting physical activity, adventure, independence, and sustainability. We aimed to make it fun and easy to recognize, by using color and an easy-to-navigate website design. Ensuring it felt vibrant and accessible was the objective.


Sustainability Meets Adventure: Suncoast Eco-Tours Guided Kayak Tours in Florida