Rapid Environmental Response Services

Expanding the company’s reach through improved brand strategy and timeless design.

Rapid Environmental, is a rapidly growing company that cleans up any and all contaminants and damage in the environment that result from human error, sanitary situations, or natural events. They came out to us with one goal:

Reaching more and more prominent clients to increase their impact.


Logo Redesign
Generate Online Presence
Develop marketing and content strategy
Showcase company services and values

What we provided

Logo Redesign
Website Design & Development
Content Strategy
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

Elements & values driving the process

High-level target audience
Develop and Maintain social media presence
Reframing designs with a “future” mindset allows for a cleaner and timeless brand
Environmental and community benefits at the center of the strategy and branding when showcasing the company

ThreadLink’s Process

When working with Rapid Environmental, we wanted to create an image that could easily translate into all types of content, while maintaining the values and success elements of the current brand. We strived to design an updated version of what was already place, with an improved visual impact that led to conversion, engagement, and client outreach.

We focused on conserving the benefits that derive from the brand’s services at the center of the content, improving the logo and ID systems with modern designs, and creating a robust online presence bringing everything together.

Updating their online presence to aim at their target audience: high-level

Redesigning the website in line with the new brand’s to position Rapid Environmental as a trustworthy and high-level company that is reliable and effective. The new design showcases their expertise and the services they provide. With visually engaging content that attracts potential clients, the new website is modern, useful, and effective.

Designing an improved marketing and content strategy to showcase the company’s services

The new branding elements include a sleeker content image to increase the brand’s impressions and scaling up the current LinkedIn strategy that is already yielding conversions. By showcasing the content that has already proved effective with improved graphic designs that align with the new logo, the content is ready to meet the targeted high-level audience.

From well-known to a “go-to” company, Rapid Environmental has achieved a new level of presence and engagement that position them on track to work with new and substantial clients