Counsel in House

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Counsel in House: Your Affordable Legal Ally

Counsel in House is the result of two business partners that saw a market void and decided to do something about it. After years of managing their own e-commerce and consulting businesses, and facing the constant struggle o legal procedures and high fees Daliah and Marvin decided to offer a solution. Legal services for small businesses, at an affordable price, and with a friendly approach that allows them to feel comfortable with the procedures.

Counsel in House may be a new company, but their Chief Legal Counsel brings over 30 years of experience in business law to the table. In conjunction with the company’s mission to provide a service that benefits small businesses, Counsel in House has already helped numerous clients.

What drives them

Our vision is to help our clients and leave them better off than when they found us; that is our driving purpose.

We know that supporting small businesses is a way to support our community as well. We want our clients to grow and participate in the economic development of their area.

What they stand for

Knowledge, Transparency, Easy to Work With

We’re pushing against the stigma that lawyers don’t have their client’s best interests at heart and are only looking to generate large bills. We care deeply about helping small businesses operate legally, and ethically, and protect them in the process. From intellectual property to dispute resolution, we work in favor of our clients to build their trust and support their success.

How they work

Counsel In House takes a unique and holistic approach to law, that allows them to help clients beyond their initial concerns. They don't do generic, or impersonal solutions, they tackle each case with a comprehensive approach and build on the solution with their experience.

Our goal is to help our clients efficiently, and fairly, and leave them better than when they found us.”

As a transparent, and easy-to-work-with law firm, Counsel in House makes the process easy for the clients to understand what’s happening and how they are working to solve their issues. They do this by providing access to the platform Breeze which allows clients to see an hourly breakdown of the work that’s been done in line with what they’re paying for. Additionally, they keep their rates low by offering bulk and fixed-priced packages which allows them to stay affordable, while delivering quality services.

How they can help

Express consultation

Business Law

Defraudation guidance

Counsel in House Highlights

In March 2023, our Chief Legal Counsel was given the 2023 Lawyers Of Distinction Award Recognizing Excellence in Corporate and Transactional Law.

If you’re a small business looking for some legal guidance, Counsel in House will assist you! They are very easy to reach and love to keep in touch. Feel free to reach out to them and experience the best legal advice without breaking the bank.