Celebrating Community Spirit

Heart-shaped logo with a fiery flame symbolizing passion and intensity, reflecting ThreadLink's support for the Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund and the spirit of community.

Celebrating Community Spirit

The Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund's Casino Night

The Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund offers immense relief for aspiring EMTs/EMS personnel. By easing financial burdens, the Fund enables dedicated individuals to pursue lifesaving careers.

Honoring Frankie Valente's legacy, the Fund embodies the compassionate spirit that he lived by, supporting the education and training of future emergency medical professionals.

A Fund Raiser Game Night

The Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund's recent "Casino Night" event, held at The Plantation at Leesburg, was a vibrant gathering aimed at supporting future EMTs/EMS personnel.

This winter-themed evening offered guests a chance to enjoy casino-style games, participate in silent auctions, and win various prizes, all contributing to a great cause.

Attendees experienced the joy of community spirit while engaging in fun games with prizes that amounted to over $20,000. This event showcased the community's commitment to nurturing the next generation of emergency responders.

Events like the "Casino Night" by the Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund play a crucial role in uniting the community. Remember, every gesture of support helps to shape a community where care and assistance are within reach for those in need.

Community and Design

ThreadLink, a creative digital agency, takes pride in supporting community initiatives like the Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund. With our design expertise, we were honored to contribute the visual elements for their Casino Night event. We wanted people to feel excited about the event aside from the incredible effort for the noble cause of the Foundation.

This event is a testament to how local businesses and individuals can collaborate to empower and uplift future heroes.

For more details, visit The Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund and discover how you can contribute to their efforts.