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Empowering Business Growth: East Orlando Chamber of Commerce

Empowering Business Growth: East Orlando Chamber of Commerce

The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce (EOCC) is a dynamic and influential organization committed to fostering business growth and community development in Central Florida's high-technology and state-of-the-art healthcare corridor. Established in 1946, the EOCC serves the businesses east of I-4, covering a vast 440 square-mile area, including the Central Florida Research Park and Lake Nona's healthcare corridor.

The Chamber's mission centers on being a leader in business advocacy, community engagement, and regional connectivity.

Mission and Vision

The EOCC is driven by a mission to be a leader in business advocacy, community engagement, and regional connectivity. Its vision is to create a positive business climate that nurtures growth and innovation. The Chamber's commitment extends to leadership development, community involvement, networking opportunities, and educational programs, all designed to catalyze business success in Central Florida.

Promoting Education

The EOCC also focuses on member education and engagement. "THE" Member Academy, held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, is designed to help members maximize their investment by enhancing their web presence. Members are encouraged to bring laptops and register all team members to participate in these sessions.

Additionally, Testimonial Tuesday allows members to share their stories, journey, and any specials they might be offering, live on Facebook.

Member Benefits and Opportunities

Membership in the EOCC opens the door to a suite of benefits tailored to enhance business visibility and growth. Key offerings include:

  • Small Business Spotlight: A platform for businesses to gain exposure through the Chamber's website, social media, and monthly emails.
  • Networking Events: Regular luncheons with guest speakers provide invaluable networking opportunities and insights into current business trends.
  • Educational Programs: 'THE' Member Academy offers a roadmap for members to maximize their investment, focusing on enhancing web presence and business promotion.
  • Testimonial Tuesday: A unique chance for members to share their stories and experiences live on Facebook, highlighting the value of EOCC membership.

Leadership and Staff

The Chamber's leadership and dedicated team play a pivotal role in shaping a positive business environment. They offer resources such as professional development, networking opportunities, and community engagement initiatives.

Comprehensive Member Benefits

EOCC membership comes with a comprehensive range of benefits:

  • Unique health insurance and benefits program for members, employees, and their families.
  • Exclusive discounts on entertainment, education, and business services.
  • Opportunities to participate in signature events and access to the Chamber's facilities for meetings and events.

The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce offers support and growth for businesses in Central Florida's high-tech and healthcare sectors. With its diverse range of benefits, networking opportunities, and commitment to community engagement, the EOCC is an invaluable resource for any business looking to thrive in this dynamic region.

Interested in joining the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce or learning more about its offerings? Visit their website today and discover how you can become part of this vibrant business community.