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Honoring Conrad Buckley

Honoring Conrad Buckley: A Golf Event for a Good Cause

On May 26th, in the city of Clermont, Florida, we gathered to pay tribute to our dear friend and former colleague, Conrad Buckley, who had a profound passion for golf. This exceptional event allowed us to celebrate Conrad's life while supporting a noble cause.

Father, Law Professional, and Friend

Officer Conrad Buckley was more than just a dedicated law enforcement professional – he was a devoted husband, a loving father, and a fan of various sports teams. He had an infectious energy that drew people towards him, always exuding life and laughter.

Conrad's compassion and respect for others, both on and off the job, left a lasting impact on the community.

Conrad's colleagues knew him as genuine and outgoing, always ready with a smile and a genuine interest in others' well-being. Even in his own struggles, he never lost sight of the challenges faced by frontline workers battling COVID-19, and his concern for his squad was unwavering.

Conrad's untimely passing has left a void that will be deeply felt by everyone fortunate enough to have known him.

Showing Support in Florida

Participants had the opportunity to contribute to the Conrad Buckley Legacy Scholarship Fund, which aids aspiring law enforcement professionals at the Lake Technical Institute for Public Safety in Tavares. This golf event not only honored Conrad's memory but also provided a memorable day filled with camaraderie and support for a worthy cause.

This event welcomed individuals from Clermont, Florida, and surrounding communities who knew Conrad Buckley, as well as golf enthusiasts, friends, family, and members of the local community. Everyone who wanted to commemorate Conrad's life and support the Conrad Buckley Legacy Scholarship Fund was encouraged to participate.

Whether attendees had a personal connection to Conrad or simply wished to contribute to a meaningful cause, the event offered a unique opportunity to come together and make a difference.

A fun day to uplift the community in Florida

By uniting people in an activity he cherished, the event aimed to pay tribute to Conrad's life and ensure his legacy lives on. Additionally, the event aimed to raise funds for the Conrad Buckley Legacy Scholarship Fund, providing financial assistance to deserving individuals pursuing their dream of joining the police academy at the Lake Technical Institute for Public Safety in Tavares.

The Conrad Buckley Legacy Scholarship Fund

Administered by the Kiwanis Club of South Lake, the Conrad Buckley Legacy Scholarship Fund is dedicated to supporting aspiring law enforcement professionals. By alleviating the financial burden associated with attending the police academy, the scholarship fund empowers deserving candidates to receive the necessary training and education to pursue their career goals.

The event served as a reminder of how one person's legacy can endure, bringing the community together in Clermont for a memorable day of golf, camaraderie, and support.

At ThreadLink we thrive on making sure our community at Clermont, Florida, and near counties is thriving as well.

To contribute to the Conrad Buckley Legacy Scholarship Fund or obtain more information about the scholarship, interested individuals can reach out to Renee Lowe, the primary contact person for this event. Contact details are listed below!

Alternatively, online donations and additional details about the scholarship fund can be found on the Kiwanis Club of South Lake's dedicated website.