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Taste of Clermont Florida

Taste of Clermont Florida: Community and Food

The Frankie Valente Scholarship Foundation organized an event that brought food and community together to support EMT students. With over 20 local food vendors from the Clermont area, including Lake County, Winter Garden, Groveland, and Minneola communities, the event surpassed all expectations.

Beyond being a delectable culinary affair, the event held a more significant purpose—supporting the education and dreams of future Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics.

Attendees had the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause, by contributing to the Foundation's efforts to sponsor students. Knowing that the Foundation provides essential resources for their journey in emergency medical services.

The inaugural year saw an overwhelming turnout, a testament to the event's success and community engagement. Through the collective efforts of attendees, the event successfully achieved three full scholarships for aspiring EMTs.

Crowd at Event titled Taste of Clermont
Taste of Clermont

Games, Fun, and Food

The heart of the Taste of Clermont event beat with the passion of the Frankie Valente Scholarship Foundation, dedicated to supporting the educational aspirations of future EMTs. The event's accessibility was ensured with two ticket options, catering to different preferences—a $10 "standard tasting" card and a $20 VIP "unlimited samples" card.

Additionally, attendees had the chance to contribute through postcards for direct online donations and the exciting donation wheel. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations bolstered the fundraising efforts, making a significant impact.

The event was fun and high energy, with people showing up from the neighboring community.

Beyond the culinary delights and charitable cause, the Taste of Clermont event offered attendees additional excitement through raffle draws and vendor discounts. The raffles added an element of anticipation and fun, as attendees eagerly participated for a chance to win fantastic prizes.

The Taste of Clermont event will be remembered as a remarkable celebration of local cuisine, community spirit, and the unwavering dedication of the Frankie Valente Scholarship Foundation.

A Selfless Success for Clermont Florida

The Taste of Clermont Food Tasting event, organized by the Frankie Valente Scholarship Foundation, brought together the flavors, community support, and dreams of downtown Clermont.

At ThreadLink, we were grateful to attend the event and support the efforts this amazing Foundation is making to help students. We enjoyed the many food options and the amazing turnout of interesting and caring people that showed up for our community.

The event served as a platform to raise awareness of the foundation's mission, highlighting the importance of supporting these future healthcare professionals and fostering a sense of community support. As a local Lake County business ourselves, we appreciate all the efforts to grow it and take care of it.  

You can learn more about the Foundation and how you can keep supporting its efforts here!