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[ TL Explains ] Branding in Action

Elegant restaurant ambiance with glass walls and wooden flooring, embodying the essence of branding in a sophisticated setting.

[ TL Explains ] Branding in Action

ThreadLink’s Creative Content Editor (CCE), Andrea, had the opportunity to explore remarkable destinations and some of them included incredible examples of branding in practice. The ThreadLink team is always on the lookout for unique branding experiences and creative copy that make an impression.

As our CCE she traveled through Europe in early 2023, two places caught her eye, and she shared them with us. We will talk about how branding can come into real life by going through a sustainable living-focused hotel in Bordeaux, France, and a compact yet charming Smart Hotel in Oslo.

Sustainable Luxury at Life Hotel, Bordeaux

Branding Strategies & Experience and Sustainable Branding at Luxury at Life Hotel, Bordeaux.
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Recycled Wood and Plastic-Free Ambiance: At the Life Hotel in Bordeaux, the commitment to sustainability was evident. From the floors to the ceilings, everything was crafted with recycled wood, and the absence of plastic anywhere in the hotel was a refreshing change.

Industrial Chic Meets Cozy Comfort: The hotel's aesthetic was a delightful fusion of industrial design and cozy comfort. The refurnished interiors exuded warmth and welcomed guests with open arms. It struck a perfect balance between stylish minimalism and a homely atmosphere.

Sleep, Work, Arty & Play: The hotel's motto, "sleep, work, arty & play," was more than just words; it was a way of life here. The hotel provided designated spaces for each aspect of this motto. Co-working spaces were ideal for business meetings, a game room filled with board games, books, and a foosball table.

The Inviting World of Warm Colors: Life Hotel's branding reflected its inviting ambiance. Warm and inviting colors adorned the walls, creating an atmosphere of hospitality. It felt like a home away from home, welcoming travelers with open arms.

Messages of Inspiration Everywhere: Throughout the hotel, small messages and reminders echoed the brand's motto. Whether they were in the mirrors, on the walls, or hidden on little cards in the room, these messages created a sense of connection, reinforcing the hotel's values and vision.

Smart Hotel, Oslo: Where Compact Meets Comfort

Branding Strategies & Experiences while traveling to Smart Hotel, Oslo.
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Compact but Clever Design: Smart Hotel in Oslo demonstrated how less can indeed be more. While the rooms were compact, the ingenious design made the most of the available space. Furniture seamlessly fitted into the walls, like a work desk that could be pulled out when needed.

Cozy Common Areas: The hotel's common areas were a sanctuary of comfort. Plush pillows, book nooks, and cozy corners for guests to unwind and relax. The atmosphere was friendly, promoting a sense of community among travelers.

Friendly Staff and a Playful Approach: Smart Hotel's staff exuded friendliness, adding a personal touch to the guest experience. The hotel embraced its compact design with humor, featuring signs like "bigger isn't always better" on the walls, playfully acknowledging the small room sizes while highlighting the value they provided.

Branding in Action: The Lessons Learned

1. Sustainability Matters: Life Hotel in Bordeaux showcased the power of sustainable branding. By aligning their branding with eco-conscious values, they attracted travelers who valued eco-friendly choices.

2. The Power of Balance: The blend of industrial design and cozy comfort at Life Hotel demonstrated the importance of striking a balance. Brands should aim to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

3. Embrace Diversity: Smart Hotel's clever use of space and friendly atmosphere reminded us that diverse experiences can be equally enjoyable. Brands should embrace diversity and cater to different needs and preferences.

4. Humor in Branding: Smart Hotel's playful approach to branding with witty signs added a touch of humor to the guest experience. Brands can use humor to connect with their audience and create memorable moments.

5. The Art of Personalization: Both hotels used personalization through messages and branding elements to create a sense of connection. Brands should consider how they can make their customers feel special and valued. The smallest details can add to a positive user experience.

In conclusion, these two remarkable hotels showcased how branding extends beyond logos and slogans. It's about creating an immersive experience that resonates with customers on a personal level. Whether it's a commitment to sustainability, clever design, friendly staff, or a touch of humor, these branding elements left a profound impact on the journey.

At ThreadLink, we continue to empower businesses through branding and web design. We draw inspiration from all of our team’s experiences to craft brands that connect deeply with audiences.

Reach out to ThreadLink today, and let's embark on a branding journey that reflects your unique story and values. Choose your adventure and let's get started!