UIC Insurance Consultants

UIC Insurance Consultants

The UIC Difference

UIC, Inc. is one of the world’s leading independent fee-only risk management firms. With no affiliation to any brokers, and no agreements with insurers, UIC, Inc. affords the objectivity to provide advice for the sole benefit of our clients. Their depth of knowledge and innovative solutions offer their wide variety of clients comprehensive, cost-effective yet flexible risk management programs for their specific needs.

UIC, Inc.’s annual insurance consulting retainers, their only source of income, consistently help clients achieve insurance premium savings averaging 25-40%, offering a significant ROI while at the same time providing appropriate insurance coverage for each company’s specific needs and risk profile.

What sets UIC apart from the rest?

  • UIC is Result Driven.

The UIC, Inc. team is specially trained to give diverse and innovative advice to obtain optimum coverage while reducing client costs.

Solely for the Client
UICI Wheel of Services

The UIC process and Mantra:


The Firm provides the expert support organizations need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

UIC Consultants work with a company's management to effect a cultural shift in how risk management is treated and the long-term benefits of the new insurance programs in place, establishing effective risk control protocols, claims safety, and notification practices, and participating in casualty claims reviews. They continue to advise  companies well past renewal on all required matters, including claims representation, contract review and implementation, and overall sound risk management practices.

Locations: Florida & NJ