100 Years of Growth: The 28th Annual Ambassador Breakfast

100 Years of Growth: The 28th Annual Ambassador Breakfast

The South Lake Chamber of Commerce recently held its 28th Annual Ambassador Breakfast on February 17, 2023, at the Wesley Center of First United Methodist Church. The Chamber Centennial Celebration theme was chosen to mark the 100 years of growth and development in South Lake.

During the event the Chamber of Commerce's official representatives, were recognized for their hard work and volunteerism throughout the year and two designations were announced. Ambassadors play a vital role in the community, and their contributions are critical to the Chamber's ability to serve and support its members effectively. At ThreadLink we were thrilled to sponsor a table at the event, and as part of the sponsorship, we crafted a beautiful centerpiece to embody the centennial theme. The centerpiece we created for our table was truly a team effort, showcasing the beauty of central Florida.

The focal point of the centerpiece was a tree adorned with tropical flowers, which captured the essence of the region. ThreadLink's logo was featured on the tree through hanging acrylic charms to add a touch of personality. We also incorporated oranges and orange blossoms into the design, paying homage to one of the area's most iconic fruits. These accents were carried over to the table, creating a cohesive look that was bright and colorful. We consider the result perfectly captured the spirit of the Chamber Centennial Celebration, and we had an incredible time creating it as a team.

Tree from 100 Years of Growth Centerpiece with Lilly Pad Placemats
ThreadLink's 100 Years of Growth Centerpiece

As part of our sponsorship, we created a gift package within the centerpiece that included ThreadLink Cards, which featured a QR code and instructions for setup, along with a complimentary website SEO screening to improve local businesses' online visibility. The ThreadLink Card is an all-in-one solution for sharing contact information, websites, and social media links, making it easier for attendees to connect with each other and foster community. The ThreadLink Card itself featured artwork spotlighting an overview of the Chamber Centennial Celebration.

As a part of our commitment to supporting and promoting local businesses, we also included a call-to-action for local businesses to be featured on the Support Local Blog, a platform for sharing success stories and resources with the community.

To add to the festive atmosphere of the breakfast, ThreadLink showcased beautiful paper flowers by Lake Side Petals, which perfectly complemented our team’s tropical accents and jewel tones.

ThreadLink has been a part of the South Lake Chamber for over a year and is dedicated to continuing its efforts to support and promote local businesses and initiatives.

The 28th Annual Ambassador Breakfast was a success, honoring the hard work and dedication of the Ambassador Committee and recognizing community leaders who make a difference in South Lake.

Our only regret is that we didn’t take a group photo to showcase our team effort and the beautiful event!

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