ACS Foundation

The American Cancer Society Foundation

The American Cancer Society (ACS) aims to save and celebrate lives while leading the fight for a world without cancer, which it has done for over a hundred years since 1913.

The Foundation strives to expand the reach of its programs and services to benefit as many people as possible. To achieve that, it continues to grow through avid volunteer recruitment of engaged and committed individuals.

Its comprehensive approach to extending resources for prevention, recovery, and survivors has translated into an astounding number of beneficiaries:

  • 3.2M patients served in the last decade
  • +1M screenings in underserved communities
  • $5B invested since its establishment.

The working pillars of the Foundation

Pushing beyond assisting at recovery and treatment stages, the Foundation tackles cancer with an integrated approach that seeks to offer as much support and hope as possible. Tackling but not limiting itself to the following pillars, the Foundation does extraordinary work all year round.

Prevention information and resources

The Foundation shares and promotes healthy lifestyles for cancer prevention, so everyone can get ahead and avoid dealing with that disease.

  • Screening guidelines information
  • Tests resources for early diagnosis
  • Genetics and cancer relationship for Awareness
  • Resources regarding sun protection, and staying away from tobacco

Research for better solutions and treatments

Cancer research to better understand its causes and find better answers and treatments is one of the main pillars of the Foundation's work. To better help cancer patients and their families.

  • The Extramural Discovery Science (EDS) team reviews and funds research performed at eligible US research institutions.
  • The Foundation's research teams dedicate themselves to finding new answers in three areas: Early Cancer Detection Science, Surveillance & Health Equity Science, and Population Science.

Fighting for beneficial policy changes

Rooted in building community and support systems, the Foundation understands that some changes must occur beyond its reach. The Foundation seeks changes in local and national policy regulations.

  • Advocating for policies that help prevent cancer and increase access to treatments and healthcare
  • 18 million benefited from expanded health insurance access
  • 27 states now protect funding for breast and cervical cancer screening programs.
  • 20 states have passed ACS CAN's model quality of life legislation
  • ACS CAN secured over $2.4 billion in appropriations at the state and local levels.

Support systems for those that are dealing with cancer in any form

They provide everything from emotional support to ride assistance for treatments. Some of their main programs include

  • A  support system for patients and families that have cancer near them
  • Transportation to and from treatment appointments
  • Lodging during treatment
  • Connection to people that understand what you’re growing through
  • Cancer survivors network
  • A 24/7 Cancer helpline

The Foundation partners and works closely with companies to further engage them with ACS and present them with new ways in which we support cancer patients and their families. The ACS Foundation team is available and working every day, all day long.

ACS Foundation 5K runners waving

How you can make a difference

Driven by the goal of supporting cancer patients and their families and helping to save more lives, the Foundation holds several events throughout Central Florida and Nationwide. The work is possible through the support of people wanting to help. Being a volunteer-led Foundation, it is always looking for people to continue the mission and raise much-needed funds.

Be sure to check out their website and find out the best way you can give to support this heartwarming work. You can also look up an event near your area to attend and support this incredible organization.